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Social Justice

Social Justice encompasses reaching in and reaching out.  It means caring for our members AND caring for our community, our country, our world.  Sometimes that involves something as small as just ‘being there’ to listen to someone.  Sometimes that means taking action on important issues.

Social Justice News

The UUA Advocacy Witness Team has three newsletters to help you keep updated on important social justice opportunities Visit Unitarian Universalist Association's (UUA's) Social Justice pages. One of their actions is Lobbying for BGLT Equality. They are asking UUs to visit their representative or senator's district or national office and ask them to support BGLT equality by working on the following issues: Repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell; supporting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act; Marriage Equality, and stricter Hate Crimes enforcement.

The Peace Movement

Through participation in the annual Clinton non-violence march and other events, we strive to show that we stand on the side of peace, justice and equality. The Sisters of St. Francis at the Canticle in Clinton strive to achieve these goals. Many of us have connections and associations with the Center for Active Nonviolence and Peacemaking.

Share the Plate

On the fourth Sunday of each month, offering donations that are not marked for pledges are donated to a non-profit organization that whose values reflect our UU principles.

Guest at Your Table

Guest at Your Table Box

Every year, we participate in this UU Service Committee program. GAYT boxes are taken home by each family and set on the table where meals are eaten.  Family members are encouraged to think of all the people who have less to eat than they do, while putting enough cash into the box to feed a "guest" for that meal. The boxes are returned and the money collected is turned in to the UUSC who shares with us what worthwhile causes the money has been--and is--being used for.

Stewardship of Earth

Low Carbon Diet

Members of the Clinton UUF are working on a program to inform, cooperate with, and challenge other community members to do their part in rescuing our Earth from the effects of years of overuse and abuse.

At this point, we are focusing on using a UUA-sponsored program called "A Low Carbon Diet: A 30 Day Program to Lose 5000 Pounds." Experts say that we (inhabitants on this planet) have no choice but to join together NOW to help save Earth as we know it. UUF member Pat Walke will coordinate and lead these workshops, on an as-needed basis. All you need is the workbook (available at the sessions, used and recycled, of course) and a willingness to learn and make thoughtful changes to your lifestyle! If interested, call the church office, 563-243-4972, and leave a message.


The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clinton works in conjunction with Terracycle to recycle Candy Wrappers, Cheese Packaging, Chip Bags, Dairy Tubs, Energy Bar Wrappers, Inkjet Cartridges, and Colgate Oral Care products. Pat Walke will also take any and all of your plastic recyclables with any number from 1 to 7 to the Jackson County DAC, where they will be recycled responsibly. Bring your items to the kitchen or Green Sanctuary area in the Olympia Brown Room and we will literally take it from there!

Special services throughout the year feature programs and collections for social action.